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every episode of scooby doo

guy: something spooky's happening

fred: k we'll come check it out

fred: daphne, velma come with me

daphne: lol okei

shaggy: but scooby and i are terrified of everything why do you always fucking send us off alone

velma: shut up you two

shaggy and scooby: *run into monster*

scooby: RAGGY

shaggy: *oblivious to everything*


shaggy: zoinks!

*the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 1*

shaggy and scooby: *meet up with fred, velma, and daphne*

fred: what happened?

shaggy: M-M-MONSTER

velma: uh oh

monster: boo

all: AAAAH

*the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 2*

*they run into one room and come out of another one, i don't fucking know how that's possible*

velma: my glasses! i lost my glasses!

monster: *picks up velma's glasses and hands them to her*

velma: thanks. ....JINKIES!

*the monster chases them accompanied by fun music: part 3*

monster: whoops i tripped

scooby: i captured you

*they pull the monster's mask off*

fred: oh look it's the suspicious guy we met at the beginning of the episode who was super suspicious and greedy and he wanted money

suspicious guy: and i would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb dog


all: *laugh*